Company History

In 1959, Ed and Mary Murphy had a vision and a truck. Combining the two, they set a foundation of trust, reliability, and integrity that has been our guiding force for the last 55 years.

Mary Murphy ran the show from a small desk in her dining room. She established Murphy Moving as the only moving company in Omaha to call when it came time to move your family. Mary believed in moving people, not just furniture. We have always been a small, Family Owned and Operated moving company in Omaha, as such, we are aware of how important it is to extend great customer service.

Michael D. Murphy, Mary’s only son, helped run the daily operations of Murphy Moving until 1995.  Sadly, Mike passed on from leukemia at the age of 45.  Mary was heartbroken at the loss of her son and in 1997, at the age of 78, Mary handed control of the moving company to her youngest daughter and current owner of Murphy Moving Inc., Jeannie Matthews.  Mary died in 2005 but her memory lives on, and so does Murphy Moving Inc.

With the help of her nephews, nieces, sisters, cousins, and basically the entire family, Jeannie and Murphy Moving have continued to serve families in Omaha, Nebraska, offering fantastic customer service and quality moves at a fair price. 

“We Treat Your Home Like It Was Ours”


Owner, Mary Murphy and Sisters

Neighborhood Kids with Jeannie as a baby

Jeannie Murphy

One of the first box trucks owned by Murphy Moving

Business Cards


Owner, Jeannie Murphy Matthews