Should I empty the clothes out of my chest of drawers before the move?

It’s usually a good idea to leave JUST the clothes in the chest of drawers, please remove & box all non-clothing items. They’re a great place to store the clothes and it saves you time in having to pack them. When the movers arrive they’ll decide if the chest is too heavy to carry with the drawers in and might remove them to be carried separately.

How many days in advance should I schedule my move?

If you want to have an exact day we recommend that you book at least 7-14 days in advance. This is especially true if you would like to move on a “busy week” which is typically at the beginning and end of month. We can fit you in the schedule if you’re flexible within a few days with the exception of the hot weeks.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment at the end of your move in form of cash, certified check, or money order.

Will my move be affected by bad weather like rain, snow or ice?

Yes. Please understand that we cannot risk our movers, equipment and especially your belongings on dangerous roads. In some cases where the weather has not permitted us to operate, rescheduling your appointment for another day may be required. We recommend that you have towels available to wipe down furniture. Any mover with safety in mind should abide by the same policy.

Do you charge extra for jobs that require flights of stairs?

No. We charge the same hourly rate for all of our moves regardless of the day you choose or the access to your home. Keep in mind, if our movers are walking up and down three flights of stairs for every trip back and forth, your move will take longer.

Are we allowed to help the movers?

Yes. Other than pointing us in the right direction your help won’t ever be required on moving day (after all that’s why you hired movers!). But many of our customers chose to make their move more efficient and cost effective by bringing helping hands on the day of move – this is fine with us! For safety reasons customers cannot enter the back of the truck, step on the ramp, or carry things with the movers (like the other end of a couch for example). But moving boxes out to the side of the truck or bringing a group of friends to pitch in can definitely help you save some time and money.

Do you have a minimum number of hours to hire the movers?

Yes. Typically we charge a two hour minimum. Most of your average moves take at least two hours once you factor in drive time to the loading and unloading. Everything after the initial two hours is computed in 15 minute increments.

Does or can Murphy Moving pack my belongings the day of my move?

It isn’t cost effective for the customer to have our crews boxing and loading the truck at the same time. Our trucks do not come stocked with empty boxes and packing supplies. We strongly recommend having all items ready for us when we arrive or hire a packing company ahead of time.

How much can fit in one truckload?

Lots! How much will fit the in the truckload depends on quite a few factors. The main ones are: how many items you have and how many non-stackable items there are (such as exercise machines, fragile furniture, fragile boxes, yard furniture/tools etc.).

Some tips to make the move in one trip:

  • Pack everything that fits into a box into a box including your pictures, mirrors, TVs, lamps and lampshades. The more things are square and protected the easier they are to stack.
  • Use professional moving boxes, using open topped boxes or odd shaped boxes will make it harder to pack and unable to stack.
  • Try to group fragile items into the same box to reduce the number of fragile labeled boxes in your move. Moves with lots of fragile boxes make it difficult for the mover to create the base needed to stack your fragiles on top of.
  • Take items apart that can be taken apart or ask the movers to do so for you.

What can I do to prepare for the movers?

Depending on the amount of help you need there are several ways to make things more efficient on moving day:

  • Box everything in professional mover’s boxes; avoid open top boxes or unstackable boxes Keep boxes light (~35lbs); the movers will have an easier (more efficient) time working with lighter boxes. Plus, you have to lift them later to unpack!
  • Break things down and take things apart. However, if you don’t have the time, tools, or know-how our movers will be happy to help on moving day.
  • Keep access ways like hallways clear of obstacles and stack boxes out of the way near the entrance of the home or in the garage.
  • Remember to find a safe place for small children and pets. If animals are safe in a bedroom or bathroom, and children are attended to, we’ll have a safer and more efficient working environment.
  • If possible dedicate the day to the move. If you plan to have the cable/phone technician, painter, cleaner, contractor, and movers come in on the same day our job will be more difficult and time consuming working around these obstacles.
  • If you live downtown reserve things ahead of time. Reserve a parking space that involves the shortest walk possible and don’t forget to reserve the elevator.